Friday, June 15, 2012

My first blog, OSA and Colorado!

So I am off....! This is my very first blog ever. Quite exciting to be communicating into the void (hopefully it wont be a void if someone reads this!). I hope to engage you in discussions about all kinds of things: drawing inspiration from nature to make new and exciting photonic components (my passion), talking about open access publication, the peer review process and much more.

First things first though:
what set me off on this virtual blog-journey is OSA.
I am presenting a paper (SW4F.6) and attending the Advanced Photonic Congress (
at Colorado. Initially I thought I was attending just the Specialty Optical Fibers and Application meeting, but then I realised that there were no less than 7 meeting collocated... which means I'll cherry pick and attend a bit from each. And what a selection there is on offer.
 I am particularly looking forward to the sessions on Theory, Modeling and  Simultions I: Numerical Methods; II: Plasmonics and Nanophotonics,  Joint SOF and NP session for starters. this will be such a fantastic opportunity to hear talks from a  very large variety of sub-disciplines and meet many people.

I knew that OSA had blogging volunteers so I thought I'd give it a try. It may help me meet more people (hate it when you arrive at a huge conference, dont know  many people and feel lost). Plus given that one of my papers is in the graveyard shift (last paper on Wednesday in Colorado I, Rogue Waves and Novel Propagation Effects, SW4F.6) it seemed like a good idea to drum up some interest and audience!

So here is a bit of unashamed interest drumming up: my paper (SW4F.6) is on using a spiral arrangement of air holes to get special dispersion properties in PCF. I found this work a lot of fun as I enjoy identifying patterns and their possible applications. Spirals are present everywhere: if you look closely you'll see them in nature everywhere. And I have spent the last 4 years exploring some of the properties we can get from spirals when we translate these beautiful, elegant and mathematically intriguing curves into photonic designs.

Having given a teaser about my work (more to follow in later blogs), I can now rave about Colorado: I believe it is beautiful and I am looking forward to some sunshine and natural beauty after the rather wet and miserably cool start to  the summer in London. Hopefully I can find out about the places to see when I arrive!

On this note, I must run to pack my case (its rather large too!).

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